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Step by Step Guidance for Creating the Non Profit of Your Dreams

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How to start the Non Profit of your Dreams

Do you have a Dream? Do you want to make a real Difference in people’s lives?

If you could do this AND have the government give you preferential tax treatment, that would be a Good Thing, wouldn’t you agree?

Starting a Non Profit Organization

Starting a Non-Profit Corporation allows you to perform the charitable services that you want to offer to public. Whether it is a mobile Lending Library for the County, supporting literacy for the children in Uganda or Liberia, or putting on a symposium about government spying on emails, the tax breaks for nonprofits are many and generous.

By defining and regulating nonprofit corporations, the government is able to isolate charitable or community efforts from for-profit activities and the penalties are severe if you mix the two.

Step by Step Guidance

First, you incorporate.CPA For Non-Profit

After incorporation, you can apply for non-profit status using the proper forms: Form 1045 by the Federal Government and the Registry of Charitable Trusts by the State of California. These plus the regular annual reports Form 990 (Federal) and Form 199 State) complete the overview that the governments want to monitor your activity.

For Non-Profits – Additional Scrutiny

Due to the increased globalization of non-profits, the Department of Homeland Security also has a hand in asking the nature of the non-profit. This means that terror organizations or watch list organizations have a tougher time shielding their activities. That is the downside of the reporting structure.

Who reads these federal and state tax returns and the audit reports that are produced?

First, there is the Board of Directors, then suppliers, banks, government agencies all desire to look at your annual returns. They want to know that monies given or money earned by the non-profits is well spent. These groups want to see if the non-profit is growing or failing.

They want to know what programs are still going on and what programs are being added.

My job is to show you and your staff what are the crucial information that come out of these reports. This allows for fundraising efforts to be more successful.

Trust the Nonprofit Accounting Pro

My fees are about half of the downtown prices, but with all the quality that you expect from an experienced CPA. I have over 25 years in the auditing and tax fields and I have a  local, national and international clientele. I currently audit activities in Uganda, Russia, and India and I have audited activities in China, Mexico and Canada.

I am here in the Richmond district, all year around, and available on the weekends, when you are ready to talk. Call me at 415-668-5001, or contact me here.

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