CPA San Francisco

CPA San Francisco

Are you looking for a CPA in San Francisco?

CPA San Francisco

Audited Financials for Small Business and Non-Profit Orgs

Not a problem, Jerry Newman is your local San Francisco CPA, both specializing in Accounting and Taxes since 1989.

Now you may be wondering why you should consider checking Jerry Newman CPA Tax Services out?

Well for one reason many of his clients are businesses and individuals that prefer and enjoy using his CPA firm because of his fast, friendly, expert knowledge as a Certified CPA tax accountant  and the simple fact that his CPA firm is open all year-long when you need him not just during tax season.

Now, many of Jerry’s personal clients who have been with him for years say he provides the best CPA Tax Services around.  But just don’t take our word for it you really need to check him out fully.

Jerry has been serving his community for over 35 years as a local San Francisco CPA Tax Accountant in the same neighborhood location which makes him extremely Reliable & Trust worthy.  Some of these areas would include Little Russia, Central Richmond, and Richmond District.

Which means, Jerry will always be there for you so you don’t have to worry about the hassles of dealing with someone new who you don’t know or trust every time you need some accounting or tax issue resolved?

Especially, when you’re dealing with the big chain tax outfits (liberty, hrblock) that really don’t have the time to deal with people at a personal level.

Now if you’re one of those people who has received a letter from the IRS, Jerry knows how stressful that can be.  But let Jerry put your mind at ease and let him advise you on how to organize your documents and prepare for a potential audit.

Jerry is straight forward and extremely knowledgeably in dealing with an audit situation.  Let Jerry handle your business affairs going forward so you will be happy that you did.

San Francisco CPA Service Tax Accountant

It’s Your Money, Keep More of it !!!

So when you’re looking for a CPA in San Francisco – don’t forget to stop by Jerry’s office and get that personal, private, confidential one-on-one attention that you deserve.

Remember – It’s Your Money – Keep More of It –

Jerry Newman is Certified Public Accountant by the State of California in 1985 and specializes in Accounting & Tax support for

A.) Non-Profits

B.) Small Businesses up to $5M

C.) IRS Audited Financials

D.) Individual Taxes

Jerry is located at 5010 Geary Blvd#3 San Fransico, CA, 94118 or he can be reached at (415) 668-5001