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Can Your Business Withstand an Audit?

Audited Financials are Essential in This Economy

We are now in hard times and we are just emerging from a severe economic downturn. Banks, accrediting agencies and funding donors require independent assurances that you have a legitimate and correct financial structure. The banks, agencies and donors require that their loan money is in reliable and sober hands.

That is where an experienced Audit CPA comes to your rescue.

Jerry Newman, CPA   is licensed by the State of California to give an unbiased look at what you say to the requesting firm and its’ financial backers or accrediting agencies

Audit Expertise

Jerry Newman has over twenty- five years of reporting on Internet tech companies, overseas financial companies, churches, schools, Non-Profit Co-operatives working with the Arts,   and many other organizations.

As an Audit CPA, Jerry Newman, CPA (your San Francisco CPA) is required to keep current with audit practices put forth by the California CPA Society and the American Institute of CPAs.  These practices are required to be adhered to before the CPA puts his signature to the Audit Report that verifies your financial structure.

An accredited Non-Profit CPA is fully skilled in all facets of both the non-profit financials and the audit and tax structure that can best fit your situation, just to name a few of his current clientele.

Tax returns are not a part of the general audit process, but Jerry Newman, CPA is fully knowledgeable in Form 990, the federal tax report submitted on an annual basis, and is fully current with all federal and state regulations relating to the Federal and State tax codes. On an average year, Jerry Newman prepares dozens of tax returns that reflect the current conditions of his tax and audit clients, both non-profit and for-profit entities.

Personal service is the key to any San Francisco CPA firm.

As a San Francisco CPA for over twenty-five years, I specialize in getting the work done BEFORE extensions become necessary. I am available evenings and weekends, as well as during the day, 365 days out of the year.

My Promise to You:

I pledge to give your work first consideration in my busy schedule. My work speed guarantees a quick turnaround, should reports be due immediately.

I pledge lower costs for the CPA Audit, the Review or the Compilation reports. My prices usually run about 50-60% of downtown CPA prices for Audits and Reviews.

I pledge that my offices will not go over the estimate without your authorization.

I am convenient to most bus routes through the City and there is plenty parking on Geary Blvd. and there is additional parking nearby.


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