Business News

  • GE Makes Overture to France on Alstom
    Alstom’s nuclear-equipment business wouldn’t leave France, a senior General Electric executive said in an attempt to assuage government concerns over GE’s bid for most of the French firm.
  • Diamond Hub Braces for Possible Fallout from Ukraine Crisis
    Industry executives and officials in Antwerp, the world-leading hub for the diamond trade, are nervously preparing for the possibility that the conflict over Ukraine will cut off one of their biggest suppliers: Russia.
  • Google's EU Settlement Under Pressure
    Google’s proposed settlement with European Union antitrust cops is under increasing threat of being revised or scrapped, amid calls to more tightly regulate the Web giant.
  • Panasonic Unsure on Tesla Battery Goals
    Panasonic said the extent of its role in a proposed battery joint venture with electric car maker Tesla Motors is still uncertain as it expressed doubt over the venture’s ambitious target of reducing battery-manufacturing costs.
  • China Stokes Domestic Auto Makers
    Chinese authorities are ratcheting up subsidies to domestic auto makers in hopes of building a world-class industry even as production expansions are fueling concerns about overcapacity.
  • Uruguay Has Big Hopes for Pot Industry
    Uruguay hopes that its status as the only country to fully regulate the cannabis industry will turn it into a magnet for investment in medical and other applications of the plant.
  • Harman Mining Awarded $4 Million In Massey Case
    A Virginia jury awarded a former coal company $4 million after finding that Massey Energy drove it out of business through an elaborate scheme 16 years ago.
  • Media Mogul Sumner Redstone Cashes In
    Sumner Redstone, who will turn 91 on Tuesday, has recently raised more than $200 million selling stock in the two companies he controls: Viacom and CBS Corp.
  • 'Pink Slime' Makes Comeback as Beef Prices Spike
    Finely textured beef, dubbed “pink slime” by critics, is mounting a comeback as retailers seek cheaper trimmings to include in hamburger meat—just in time for Memorial Day barbecues.

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