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  • Vietnam Gets Its First Taste of McD's
    McDonald’s opened its first restaurant in Vietnam to huge crowds eager to try a Big Mac, with people waiting in long, velvet-roped lines or on motor scooters inching up to the drive-through.
  • AOL Reverses Course on 401(k) Plan
    AOL CEO Tim Armstrong said the company would reverse a recent change to its 401(k) plan and apologized for remarks used to explain the initial change.
  • Icahn Ends Apple Buyback Campaign
    Carl Icahn will end his campaign to get Apple to increase its stock buyback plans after an influential proxy-advisory firm rejected his proposal.
  • Twitter's Challenge: Overcoming 'Meh'
    Though Twitter is ubiquitious in marketing campaigns and news media, the social network continues to struggle at connecting with mainstream users.
  • Barclays to Miss Profit Forecast
    For the second time in as many days, British bank Barclays is under scrutiny for the way it has handled sensitive information after pre-announcing that it would miss profit forecasts.
  • Hasbro Profit Declines Slightly
    Toy maker Hasbro Inc. reports a slight dip in profit, as weakness in its boys’ category offsets growth in its girls’ and games businesses.
  • Thai Protesters Woo Rice Farmers
    Street protesters were out in force again in Bangkok, but this time they marched to drum up funds for a group they previously blamed for electing the country’s government: rice farmers.
  • Korea Spends to Support Startups
    South Korea’s sprawling bureaucracy and little expertise in the field, however, have raised questions about how well the initial flood of government money is being spent.
  • Nissan Playing Catch-Up on Global Goals
    Results show that Japan’s second-largest car maker is doing well in its domestic market, but continuing to struggle to raise sales and profits in many other regions.

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