Business News

  • Amgen Near $10.5 Billion Deal for Onyx
    An agreement between the two biotechnology companies is likely to be announced Monday, if not sooner, according to people familiar with the matter.
  • Wonder Material Ignites Patent Frenzy
    Graphene, an atom-thick flexible material that’s stronger than steel and speedier with electrons than silicon, has ignited a global rush to understand it and patent every imaginable use.
  • Inside Comcast's $30 Billion TV Bet
    In two years running NBCU Steve Burke has shown a zeal for shaking things up with little sentimentality, weeding out some of the company’s most well-known personalities in the process.
  • Crash Leads to Calls for Helicopter Suspension
    An influential North Sea energy trade group called for all Eurocopter Super Puma helicopters to be suspended from over-water passenger flights in the U.K. in the wake of Friday’s fatal accident off Shetland.
  • CEO Exit Sets Microsoft on New Path
    Steve Ballmer will leave his successor with the enormous task of reviving one of the world’s largest technology companies that finds itself beset by competitors on all fronts.

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