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  • For Europe's Debt Collectors, More Work Isn't Paying Off
    Clogged courts, tough debt-collection rules and tapped-out debtors are making debt collectors’ jobs harder—and less profitable.
  • Retailers Step Up Safety Rules For Bangladesh
    Retailers are becoming more stringent about monitoring safety at the factories they use in Bangladesh, pre-empting a safety pact that won’t come into full effect until the fall.
  • Chinese Company Town Struggles
    The travails of a China Rongsheng shipyard, its workers and its hometown illustrate the hard choices that Beijing faces in trying to overhaul its economy.
  • Glaxo Probes Botox Marketing
    Glaxo is investigating allegations that sales personnel in China rewarded doctors with cash and perks for prescribing Botox.
  • Office Recovery Stays Slow
    The U.S. office market continued its slow-but-steady recovery in the second quarter, as employers took on additional space at a modestly improved pace compared with recent anemic levels.
  • Tetra Pak Faces China Probe
    China is launching an investigation of Swiss packaging company Tetra Pak International, the latest in a growing roster of foreign firms under scrutiny for antimonopoly practices in China.
  • Mexican Regulator to Rule on Beer
    Mexico’s competition commission is expected to release this week its decision on whether beer makers can continue to have sales-exclusivity agreements with corner stores and restaurants.
  • Delaware Ruling Benefits Companies
    A recent ruling allowing Delaware-incorporated companies to require that shareholder suits be filed in the state is likely to change the landscape in big-ticket corporate litigation.
  • French Firms Cut Back on Investments
    Despite low interest rates, French companies and entrepreneurs are cutting back on their investments. They’re delaying plans to expand existing factories, and canceling plans to build new ones.

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